Management I: The Essentials of Daily Management in a Veterinary Hospital

17 Septemer 2018 - 21 September 2018 | Beijing/China

Panel discussion guests with veterinary hospital/practice management experience input:

• Dr. Dr. h.c. Hans-Joachim Koch: ESAVS board member, owner of Birkenfeld Small Animal Hospital for over 40 years, Dr.h.c. DECVD, DE
• Dr. Pierre Cadot: ESAVS board member, owner of three veterinary clinics in France for over 35 years, Dr. med. Vet, FR
• Prof. Dr. Zhaofei Xia: Director of the China Agricultural University Veterinary Teaching Hospital, Professor & head of Clinical Veterinary Medicine, College of Veterinary Medicine, China Agricultural University, Dr. med. vet., CN

General Overview

The Veterinary Practice/Hospital Management program is designed for participants to face, evaluate and manage daily (non- medical) challenges in a vet hospital to improve efficiency, save costs, increase profitability as well as attract, motivate and tie qualified staff.
The full management program is designed to be a modular system composed by series of 5-day courses, it will cover most of the daily management challenges in a veterinary hospital in an interactive and close after course follow up approach to make sure that all the knowledge and skills taken in the class can be transferred and implemented into the daily practice.
The total duration of the full management will be two years with 4 to 6 months interval in between each one-week course. Each course will be lectured in different locations in China. The first management course will cover the essentials of daily management in a large veterinary clinic as well as group veterinary hospitals in various management fields. The courses following will be specialized on certain management subjects in depth according to the veterinary medicine industrial environment and hospital management challenges in China, such as human resource management, marketing management, financial management, veterinary hospital group chain management etc. The lecturing team will be composed by veterinary hospital management experts both from Europe, America and China for each course.


The first management course will cover the topics listed below (order of the topics is subject to change). The tutorial format will follow an interactive approach and be based on real cases, including questionnaires, instant feedback, group sessions, video clippings and a panel discussion with international experts. Extracts of concrete learnings will be provided during and after the course.
To ensure the transfer of content into practical approaches and daily business challenges in vet hospitals, necessities, cost-benefit and feasibility analysis of approaches and tools will be discussed. Participants are encouraged to contribute own experiences & challenges. Insights into and impulses from other industries which can be adopted by vet hospitals will be given.
An individual complimentary follow- up coaching for each participant on one topic for 15-30 minutes via skype or E-Mail is offered.
In advance, a survey (anonymously) will be done to gain information about expectations of participants as well as statistical data (e.g. work experience, current position, size of clinic etc.) which will be presented to the group.
Case and experience sharing session from participants to each topic are welcome to ensure transformation to daily business.


1) Strategy
a. Why an organisation needs a strategy
b. The effects of strategical decisions on the organisation
c. Customer orientation as a philosophy
d. Culture eats strategy for breakfast

2) Human resource management
a. Hiring & recruitment
b. Staff training
c. Teamwork and staff motivating
d. Job performance evaluation and improvement
e. Staff compensation and benefits

3) Leadership and internal/external communication management
a. Leadership and practice culture
b. Team communication and work productivity
c. Communication with stakeholder like other vets, competitors and the public

4) Marketing management
a. Marketing plan and strategy
b. Digital marketing and printed marketing materials
c. Client retaining

5) Operations management
a. Administrative & office management
b. Inventory management
c. IT and other facilities to manage
d. Clinical process improvement from a management aspect

6) Financial management
a. Financial report and benchmarking
b. Accounting & bookkeeping
c. Cash management
d. Budget plan and expense control

Welcome Dinner/Party: 17th September 2018, Monday evening

Preliminary Program

will be announced soon

Tuition fee for the members of Thai, Indonesian, Malaysian, Indian and Sri Lanka Vet. Assns: EURO 1.143,–


Discount Tuition fee (Hong Kong, Macao, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan): EURO 1.520,–


Tuition fee (Europe, USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, New Zealand): EURO 1.943,–