Oncology 4:
Case Management I

13 - 17 November 2023 | Beijing, China

General Overview

Oncology 4a (Case Management I) is not your typical seminar. We delve into a unique blend of common and challenging cases, providing you with a hands-on, problem-oriented approach to cancer workup. You will not just passively sit through lectures, but rather actively participate in small groups and plenary sessions to tackle real-life scenarios.

Please note: this is an advanced course and we will not repeat the theory on particular tumour types from A-Z.

Key Learning Objectives

Decision-Making Excellence:

  • Our emphasis is on teaching you the art of making sound decisions in oncology. From selecting the right diagnostic tests to interpreting radiographic findings and cytology samples, you will gain a thorough understanding of the decision-making process.

Staging Proficiency:

  • Uncover advanced staging techniques and concepts to take your cancer diagnostics to the next level.
  • Explore the utility of whole-body CT scans in veterinary oncology
  • Delve into the enigmatic realm of Cancer of Unknown Primary (CUP)
  • Learn the importance of sentinel lymph node mapping and its practical application in oncology

Diagnostic and therapeutic decision-making:

  • Delve into an extensive array of complex cases encompassing skin, head and neck, abdominal, pelvic cavity, thoracic, and bone tumors.
  • Dr. Schmidt will refine your diagnostic and therapeutic decision-making skills. This involves the meticulous selection of suitable diagnostic tests, adept interpretation of radiographic findings and cytology samples. Dr. Schmidt will also provide advanced insights into cytology, including the examination of musculoskeletal tumors

Surgical Case Management:

  • Dive deep into the nuances of surgical case management with Dr. Jon Bray, one of the most respected and innovative veterinary cancer surgeons. Dr. Bray will present challenging and thought-provoking clinical cases including soft-tissue sarcomas, head and neck tumors, bone tumors, abdominal tumors, and pelvic tumors. Further, he will explore new concepts in addressing canine mast cell tumours and discuss new insights into optimally assessing surgical margins.

Interactive Format:

  • Instead of traditional lectures, students collaborate in small teams using laptops to analyze imaging, cytology, and pathology reports while developing diagnostic and therapeutic plans.

Dynamic Learning Format:

  • With this course, ESAVS mostly moves beyond conventional lectures. Instead, students are encouraged to work collaboratively in small teams with tablets to assess imaging and cytology findings, evaluate pathology reports, and, most crucially, design rational diagnostic and therapeutic plans.



  • Advanced staging techniques and concepts
  • Whole-body CTs in veterinary oncology. Useful or not? [lecture]
  • Cancer of unknown primary (CUP). Does it exist? [lecture]
  • Cytology of musculoskeletal tumours (dry lab)
  • Sentinel lymph node mapping [lecture]
  • Masterclass: surgical margins [lecture]
  • Surgical case management and decision-making:
    • Soft-tissue sarcomas
    • Mast cell tumour in the year 2023
    • Head & neck tumours
    • Bone tumours
    • Abdominal tumours
    • Pelvic tumours

Topics covered in Oncology V (IVb) (2024): hematopoietic tumours, advanced chemotherapy, endocrinology, urinary/bladder tumours, CNS, bone marrow, communication, etc.


All modules will be held in China, in the English language with consecutive translations in Chinese.

CPD Hours: 40

ECTS credits (Master & Certificate): 4

Tuition Fee: TBA

Course Language: English with consecutive translation in Chinese

Full Program (Click to Open)
Day 1

120 (240) min Case Management
 Lunch Break
90 (180) min  Case Management

Day 2
120 (240) min Case Management
 Lunch Break
90 (180) min  Case Management
Day 3

120 (240) min Case Management
 Lunch Break
90 (180) min  Case Management

Day 4
90 (180) min Case Management
 Lunch Break
90 (180) min Case Management
Day 5

120 (240) min Case Management
 Lunch Break
90 (180) min Case Management


Course Masters

Dr. Jarno Schmidt


Hofheim, Germany

Dr. Jonathan Bray

BVSc, MVSc, MSc (Clinical Oncology), PhD, CertSAS, MANZCVS, MRCVS, DiplECVS (UK)

AURA Veterinary, United Kingdom

Course Location

Ruichenhuanuo Animal Hospital Beijing Central Hospital, Building 413, Huizhong Beili, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Registration and Fees

Discount tuition fee for Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, India, Sri Lanka, China, Pakistan, Lebanon and Vietnam: EURO 1.450,–

    Early registration: Euro 1.350,--

    (Deadline for FULL early registration payment: 13th August 2023)

Discount tuition fee for Macao, South Korea and Taiwan: EURO 1.850,–

    Early registration: Euro 1.750,-

    (Deadline for FULL early registration payment: 13th August 2023)

Tuition fee for Europe, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates, Canada, USA and Japan: EURO 2.250,–

    Early registration: Euro 2.150,-

    (Deadline for FULL early registration payment: 13th August 2023)

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