van Zeeland, Yvonne Dr.

DVM, MVR, PhD, Dip. ECZM (Avian, Small mammal), CPBC

University of Utrecht, The Netherlands

Yvonne van Zeeland graduated with merit from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Utrecht University in 2004. Having worked briefly in private practice, she returned to Utrecht in 2005 to complete an internship in companion animal medicine, residency in avian medicine and PhD on feather damaging behavior in grey parrots. Aside from her recognition as a European Specialist in Avian Medicine, Yvonne became de facto recognized in Small Mammal Medicine, and certified as a parrot behavior consultant. Yvonne is currently employed at the Division of Zoological Medicine in Utrecht, where she devotes her time to teaching, research and patient care of birds and small mammals. She furthermore contributes actively to the international development and advancement of avian and exotic animal medicine through lectures, publications and membership of various professional organizations and committees, including serving as AAV's President for 2018-19.


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