Certificate of Small Animal Veterinary Practice

Admission and Fees

Who can register for the Certificate Program?

Candidates must hold a recognized veterinary degree from a University or equivalent institution of higher learning. They must provide proof that for the whole duration of the Certificate program they are working full or part (minmum 20h/week) time in a veterinary practice or clinic with a case load of at least 1000 diseased small animals (500 per clinician) per year and adequate facilities for examination, surgery, diagnostic imaging and hospitalisation: Clinic Requirements

Candidates must be able to write the exams and the case logs in english.

What does the Program cost?

The fees comprise of a one-time application fee, a bi-annual registration fee, course tuition fees, examination fees and evaluation fee for the case log:

  • Application fee: 60 € (to be paid upon sending your application documents – this fee is non-refundable, independent of whether you enrolled in the program or not)
  • Registration fee per semester : 290 € (covers the administrative costs and University enrollment fees)
  • Tuition fees: fees for the courses in the chosen discipline – please refer to the overview of the ESAVS Courses in Europe or Asia
  • Course examination fees: 5-day course = 160 € / 10-day-course  = 320 €
  • Fee for the evaluation of the case log: 150 €
  • Re-submission fees: in case of a failed case log, an additional fee of 150 € will be incurred
  • A penalty for unauthorized program interruption is incurred upon re-enrolment after an unauthorized interruption in study time (skipped semester/s) due to missed/late payments or missing documents, to cover the additional administrative work.


The Certificate Programs are organized by the ESAVS Europe Office.

Payment shall be made by bank transfer to:

Dexia Banque Internationale à Luxembourg
69, route d‘Esch
L-2953 Luxembourg
IBAN: LU21 0021 7101 3189 6800

(No additional bank charges will be accepted by the ESAVS)

Application Period

Winter Semester 2022:
1 May – 31 May 2022