Galvani, Clara Dr.


Castellarano, Italy

Dr Clara Galvani graduated in veterinary medicine with honours in 2020 from Bologna University. She completed a general rotating and Diagnostic imaging internship at the San Marco Veterinary Clinic in Padua (Italy). After that, She worked as a part-time imager at the "San Marco Veterinary Clinic" referral centre, executing US, X-rays and CT till October 2023. Since 2022, she has been working part-time at Castellarano Veterinary Clinic under Giliola Spattini's (DVM, PhD, Dipl. ECVDI) supervision, performing X-rays, fluoroscopy, and advanced ultrasound. In 2022, she participated at the EVDI (European Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging) congress with an oral presentation titled "Accuracy of virtual non-contrast abdominal Imaging compared to true non-contrast imaging on dual-source dual-energy CT in dogs". In June 2023, She completed a one-month externship at Edinburgh University under the supervision of Dr Tiziana Liuti. In October 2023, she presented a clinical case at the SVIDI (Italian Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging Society) meeting. She has been working as an instructor for advanced ultrasound since October 2023 with highly positive feedback from the students. In December 2023, she attended an introductory statistics course, reflecting her keen interest in scientific research.

Clara aims to further her expertise in Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging. 


Upcoming Courses

Basic Diagnostic Ultrasound, Haikou/China, Dr. Spattini 16. - 20. Mar 2024

registration open

Advanced Diagnostic Ultrasound, Haikou/China, Dr. Spattini 19. - 23. Mar 2024

registration open

Radiology, Haikou/China, Dr. Spattini 24. - 28. Mar 2024

registration open