Spattini, Giliola Dr.


Clinica Veterinaria Castellarano , Castellarano, Italy

Dr. Giliola Spattini graduated in Veterinary Medicine with Laude from Parma University in 1998. After a rotating internship and a few years in private practice, she started a residency program in Diagnostic Imaging, at the Royal Veterinary College of London, under the supervision of Christopher R. Lamb. In 2008 She obtained the Diploma from the European College of Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging (ECVDI). In 2009 She discussed her PhD thesis at the Department of Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging at Parma University. Since 2008 has been working with sports medicine experts on musculoskeletal ultrasound in sportive dogs. From 2009 to 2012, She was the secretary of EVDI. She has been the president of the SVIDI (Italian Society of Diagnostic Imaging for three years). She has been on the SCIVAC (Italian Association of Companion Animals) directive board for seven years. She joins in 2018 the Telemedicine Committee that had chaired since 2022. Since 2018, She has collaborated with Rigenerand to develop an advanced treatment for aggressive human pancreatic cancer. She has published in national and international journals. She has contributed to four books on Diagnostic imaging. She frequently contributes to continuous post-graduate education (CPD) worldwide and in Italy.

She is a specialist consultant for Antech and works at Clinica Veterinaria Castellarano, a private practice in Italy. She founded and is the CEO of



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Basic Diagnostic Ultrasound, Haikou/China, Dr. Spattini 16. - 20. Mar 2024

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Advanced Diagnostic Ultrasound, Haikou/China, Dr. Spattini 19. - 23. Mar 2024

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Radiology, Haikou/China, Dr. Spattini 24. - 28. Mar 2024

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Advanced Diagnostic Ultrasound, Bangkok/Thailand, Dr. Spattini 11. - 15. Nov 2024

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Basic Diagnostic Ultrasound , TBA/Thailand, Dr. Spattini 16. - 20. Nov 2024

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