Individual Courses and Comprehensive Study Program


Course I: Introduction to Dentistry, Diagnostics & Extractions
This course covers the introduction to dentistry starting with diagnostics in small animal dentistry, clinical and radiographic assessment of oral and dental structures, using and filling-in dental charts for dogs and cats. It also focuses on the importance of radiography, exposing and interpreting intraoral radiographs. Canine and feline extractions are clinically a very important subject and are covered in the extended practicals. Participation  in this course is imperative for learning effectively further parts of Dental module.

Course II: Periodontics & Feline Dentistry
Periodontal disease is the number one clinical problem in dogs and cats. This course gives an overview of small animal periodontology, including diagnostics basics, advanced surgical procedures; preventive and regenerative techniques. The participant will learn about how to deal with gingivitis, periodontitis, alveolar bone loss; periodontal pockets; gingival recession and many other diseases. Further subjects covered in this course are feline oral problems in a separate session. Current and updated  prophylactic  means are presented and discussed. Case-based interactive sessions are a part of the course.

Course III: Restorative Dentistry & Endodontics
Participants will learn about how to save the tooth and prolong its masticatory functions. An introduction to restorative and endodontic techniques is given during the start of the course, followed by 4 days full of practicing vital pulp therapy, root canal debridement, obturation, final restoration, and how to deal with endodontic complications. Surgical endodontics procedures are presented and trained at the end of the course.

Course IV: Prosthodontics, Orthodontics & Paediatric Dentistry
Prosthodontics, orthodontics and juvenile dentistry are the major subjects of the fourth course. There will be an introduction to the biology of orthodontic problems and procedures, followed by the diagnosis and treatment of the most common malocclusions. Further topics include the utilization of popular orthodontic techniques; an introduction to teeth crowning with crown preparation, impressions, dental laboratory technology and cementation. Two case-cased interactive sessions dedicated to developmental disorders and juvenile dentistry are also part of the programme for veterinary dental patients.

Course V: Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Based on the experiences learnt in the first four courses, participants may now perform maxillofacial surgery with the dental care and respect to important oral structures. Selected oncologic, developmental and traumatology problems of the maxillofacial hard tissue and soft tissue structures will be discussed, presented and exercised. Oral and maxillofacial surgery differs a lot from standard general surgery. The course emphasizes on differences and specific needs for Advanced diagnostic modalities. Modern surgical solutions are also discussed and presented.


Upcoming Courses


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Dentistry 2: Periodontics & Feline Dentistry (Course 2/5), Bangkok/Thailand, Dr. Gawor & Dr. Tutt 11. - 15. Jul 2022


Dentistry 2: Periodontics & Feline Dentistry (Course 2/5), TBA/China, Dr. Gawor & Dr. Tutt 11. - 15. Jul 2022


Dentistry 1: Introduction to Dentistry, Diagnostics & Extractions (Course 1/5), Bangkok/Thailand, Dr. Gawor & Dr. Tutt 10. - 14. Jul 2023

fully booked - Waiting List open

Dentistry 3: Restorative Dentistry & Endodontics - Basic Techniques (Course 3/5), Shanghai/China, Dr. Gawor & Dr. Tutt 29. - 03. Dec 2023

fully booked - Waiting List open

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