Exotic Pets

Individual Courses and Comprehensive Study Program

The ESAVS Asia Exotic Pets courses are dedicated to veterinarians in practice or in the academic field who are willing to deepen their knowledge in Exotic Pets Medicine. The comprehensive study program consists currently of 3 one-week modules. Much time is dedicated to interactive and practical training under the supervision of course masters and instructors, who are all internationally, recognized European or American specialists.


Exotic Pets Medicine I (Methods of Diagnostic Imaging and Clinical Cardiology):
This course covers the introduction to clinical anatomy of reptiles, birds and small mammals. It is focused on advances radiographic and ultrasonographic assessments of reptiles, small mammals and birds. It also focuses on the importance of clinical cardiology in exotic pet patients.  Reptile, avian and small mammalian radiography, ultrasonography and cardiology are clinically very important subjects and are covered in the practicals.

Exotic Pets Medicine II (Anaesthesia, Analgesia, Surgery, Endoscopy):
This course gives an overview of advanced methods of anaesthesia and analgesia in reptiles, birds and small mammals, and advanced surgical procedures in exotic pet patients. The participant will learn about how to deal with orthopaedics and soft tissue surgery (ovariectomy, salpingotomy, salpingectomy, enterotomy, spaying methods). Further subject covered in this course is exotic pet endoscopy.

Exotic Pets Medicine III (Clinical Medicine in Exotic Pets):
Participants will learn about how to realise the standard post mortem examination of exotic pet patient and how to use the methods of clinical pathology (parasitology, haematology, cytology and plasma chemistry) in modern clinical practice.


Upcoming Courses


Date Registration
Exotic Pets 3: Clinical Medicine in Exotic Pets, Shanghai/China, Prof. Dr. Knotek 29. - 03. Jul 2024

registration open

Exotic Pets 1: Methods of Diagnostic Imaging and Clinical Cardiology , Shanghai/China, Prof. Dr. Knotek 05. - 09. Jul 2024

coming soon - Interest List open