Internal Medicine

Individual Courses and Comprehensive Study Program

The program of the courses is created to give the chance to participants to deepen their knowledge in internal medicine of companion animals. The courses will be at an advanced level, in case-oriented and problem-solving approaches; each week will focus on a specific “field” of small animal internal medicine in order to give to attending veterinarians basic as well as advanced competences in most important topics of veterinary internal medicine. By attending to all courses, the participants are expected to achieve an adequate level of skills to be able to solve problems in daily practice and to facilitate their cooperation with specialists in university and referral clinics.

The complete training programme consists of 7 periods of 5 days each; the entire programme will be given during three successive years. International guidelines and most recent scientific literature will be discussed during lectures, cases will be given to participants during practical sessions. Participants will be fully responsible to find adequate management plans and reach the diagnosis during practical sessions. Theoretical and practical sessions will allow the participants to achieve a level of knowledge and expertise that will enable them to manage any internal medicine case.


Course I: Endocrinology in dogs and cats
The module provides most up to date knowledge about endocrine diseases of dogs and cats. The combination of theoretical and hands-on sessions will advance the knowledge of each participant. More and less experienced veterinarians are expected to benefit from this module.

Course II: Gastroenterology in dogs and cats

Course III: Nephrology in dogs and cats

Course IV: Respiratory diseases in dogs and cats

Course V: Hepatic and pancreatic diseases in dogs and cats

Course VI: Immune-mediated and hematologic diseases, and coagulopathies

Course VII: Infectious Diseases

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