Oncology 2:
Hematopoietic Tumours, Tumours of the Digestive Tract & Bone Tumours

16 - 20 December 2024 | Bangkok, Thailand

General Overview

Cancer is a common disease in pets and one of the main causes of death. Over the past decade, our knowledge of cancer in animals has increased rapidly, and today several treatment options exist to treat canine and feline cancer patients. 

In “Oncology 2”  will build up on Oncology 1 and address some of the most common canine and feline tumours including haematopoietic neoplasms and oral, gastrointestinal, pancreatic & hepatosplenic tumours.

There will be a wet-lab microscopy session practicing blood smear and lymph node cytology. A major emphasis of the course will be again on understanding how to approach a patient with cancer. There will be lots of interactive and case oriented work using a systematic approach to the cancer patient including recognizing symptoms, interpreting radiographic findings, choosing correct staging procedures and formulating a therapeutic plan. 

ESAVS oncology is a comprehensive study program consisting of currently 5 one-week modules. Further, there are 2 additional stand-alone and/or intensive courses on specific topics available (Feline Oncology & Master Class in Medical Oncology (in planning)) that can also be attended alone and independently of the other 5 modules.


  • Handling chemotherapy adverse effects and complications
  • Canine and feline lymphoma
  • Leukaemias & plasma cell tumours
  • Chemotherapy of lymphoma & other haematopoeitic tumours
  • Cytology of lymph nodes and blood smears 
  • Feline mast cell tumors 
  • Principles of surgical oncology of oral, gastrointestinal, pancreatic & hepatosplenic tumours
  • Oral, gastrointestinal, pancreatic & hepatosplenic tumours
  • Interactive case management sessions (miscellaneous tumors)
  • Feline bone tumours


This course will be taught in English

CPD Hours: 40

ECTS credits (Master & Certificate): 4 (+1 when completing the Distance Learning)

Tuition Fee: 1350 - 2350 Euro

Course Language: English

Preliminary Program (Click to Open)
Monday, 16 December 2024

Chemotherapeutic drugs (overview) 
How do you administer chemotherapy safely? 
Management of chemotherapy adverse effects & complications 
Canine Lymphoma 

Tuesday, 17 December 2024
Guide to Lymph node & blood smear cytology
Leukaemias & Myeloma
Feline Lymphoma
Wednesday, 18 December 2024

Case management (Group II): Oral & salivary gland tumours
Practical microscopy (Group I): cytology cases
Case management: Gastrointestinal neoplasia

Thursday, 19 December 2024
Case management (Group I): Oral & salivary gland tumours
Practical microscopy (Group II): cytology cases 
Groups rotating in the afternoon on days 3 and 4
Canine splenic tumours 
Hepatic tumours & hepatosplenic surgery
Friday, 20 December 2024

Exocrine pancreatic tumours 
Feline mast cell tumours 
Canine histiocytic tumours 
Feline bone tumours 
Closing & Certificates 


Course Masters

Dr. Jarno Schmidt


Hofheim, Germany

Prof. Laura Selmic

ACVS Founding Fellow, Surgical Oncology

Ohio, USA

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